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Our precious guests

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have a number of measures we have taken to provide you with a safer and healthier service .

These measures and studies have been prepared in line with the circulars of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

For the health of you and our employees , we have taken the following precautions to protect our warm and sincere environment, and to have a holiday in maximum safety, peace and health;

At the entrance of our guests, employees, visitors and suppliers, body temperature controls are measured with a non-contact thermometer. In case of detection outside the accepted temperature range, necessary actions are taken in line with our “On-site Epidemic Prevention Plan” . Measures have been taken to comply with the distance rule in the common areas of our facility, and our staff are ready to assist you if you need them in these areas.

Hand disinfectants are available at the entrance of the hotel, in all common areas available, and our hand disinfectants are available in our restaurant .

In our guest rooms, each guest has a special mask and hand disinfectant.

Frequently contacted pos devices, calculators, room keys are disinfected by our staff after each use.

Our breakfast service is served by our  service staff in the breakfast room within the social distance plan created . In the event of a busy schedule, the breakfast buffet will be activated.

After each guest leaves the table, our surfaces are disinfected. Spices, salt and black pepper are served as single-use services in pouches with fork and spoon.

Turkish baths, sauna, steam room and fitness center work with an appointment system and are disinfected after each use.

Maximum capacity is applied in SPA areas within the capacity rules of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our entries are recorded by appointment and these records are kept for at least 3 0 days.

Wet on floors that used towels and loincloths our laundry by , high temperature specific chemical Ile washed as individually bagged are introduced.

General k ull me to be a LANs g eneral use public toilets and bathrooms designated hygiene and disinfection plan interior cleaned is disinfected is. All areas in our hotel are disinfected every day with the ULV device.

General use our local d Ogal taking the natural air ventilation and air conditioning outside area that leads to the inner space cooling system includes available. The maintenance of the air conditioners is carried out regularly.

At the same time, all our common areas are constantly ventilated during the day. Rooms that are kept open during our cleanliness and our balcony after cleaning the glass and at least one is aerated for hours.

Our cleaning staff , frequently touched surfaces with hands; door handles, batteries, rails, frequently touched buttons, telephone handsets, TVs and appliances such as air conditioning control disposable diapers with suitable soil chemical to disinfect.

After guest checkout process Saglık ministry approved disinfectants Ile ULV equipment by the method of ventilation of each room to be air conditioners and the entire room floors are disinfected.

Our sheets and towels washed at 60-90o C is.

Hotel p Staffing and t edarikçi on p Staffing is our entry and exit temperature measurement is carried out in hotels, these measurements are at least 30 are stored with days.

All the staff of the company authorized Covidien and 19 k onakl renovation s vector, to complete their navigating, he has received the certificate.

Our personnel obey the social distance rules in the working, resting and service areas and are regularly inspected by our managers on duty.

The Supplier Approval Form, which includes the rules that should be followed by the personnel of the company bringing goods / services to our hotel, was sent to the companies we contacted and approved.

The hotel staff does not come into personal contact with the suppliers during the material procurement, and carries the material left in a certain area to the area where it will be stored after ventilating / disinfecting .

Ltd. About Suspected Guest / Staff Procedure; The procedure to be applied by facility officials in case of suspicious or positive cases is specified in the “On-site Epidemic Prevention Plan.”

In line with this plan, quarantine rooms were established, personnel showing symptoms of illness and officers to deal with the guests were determined, necessary hygiene measures were taken and equipment was given to the rooms and these personnel.

Procedures have been prepared for our personnel to inform the designated emergency authorities in case of a suspicious situation , to quarantine the relevant person and to isolate those who share the same room with the person.

The patient’s room, whose diagnosis of COVID-19 is confirmed , is wiped with special surface disinfectants and disinfected with the ULV device. All textile materials in the room of the relevant guest are put in separate bags and washed separately from other materials after 72 hours. We will continue to provide you with the highest quality service possible in the most hygienic and safe environment during this period of our country and our world.

We wish you a good holiday to our valued guests, and we thank you for not leaving us alone in this difficult time.




Dear Guest,


With the COVID-19 Pandemic notification of the World Health Organization (WHO), regulations are made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and these regulations are constantly updated in line with the disease.

In this context;

In our facility , in terms of protecting our guests, employees and public health, it is obligatory to provide the following information from our guests at that time.

As a guest, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions regarding the information that must be obtained from you and your companions.

In addition, your temperature will be measured every time you enter the Hotel and your temperature has been determined as …………. Degree at your first check-in date / time.


Do you have a chronic illness?
Have you experienced Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days?
Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19 before?
Countries visited / visited in the last 14 days?
Turkey or abroad can be contacted by someone close to your address and phone number


This information, which is mandatory to obtain a residence address abroad, will be kept for the mandatory period provided that it is kept confidential, subject to the obligations of the personal data protection law ; In case of a possible COVID-19 infection or request, it will only be shared with the relevant public institutions and organizations.


For your questions and requests, you can contact us via the official e- mail address of info@grandunalhotel.com and the official phone line at +90 212 516 84 87 .

 all departments and procedures to be followed for the units on-site , the scope of measures taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic Covidien-19; The information I have given above is correct,

 T esiste to be recorded by measuring the fire is my every attempt, I’m staying at the hotel and / or hotel in all kinds of areas and / or during my use of the services, Covidien-19 if diagnosed and determine whether or not need my treatment in health care provider hospital, stated in the accommodation contract period and conditions will be provided for my accommodation at the facility,

  this case , I will spend my stay in the isolation room determined by that wire, I will not go outside my room, I will not accept visitors from outside my room, people who are from the same family or stay in the same room can also spend their stay in the isolation rooms, if there is a parent / guardian, I will also stay in the isolation rooms and isolation It is my responsibility not to leave their rooms,

 Food and beverage service and room cleaning service will be provided to myself and / or people from the same family or with whom I stay in the same room for the period specified in the accommodation contract without leaving the isolation rooms,

  case of being taken to the isolation room due to the diagnosis of Covid-19, the terms of the accommodation contract concluded by me may be extended; I acknowledge, accept and undertake that I know that I will be subject to additional charges for the isolation rooms to be provided in addition to the accommodation contract and the services provided and that I will pay these fees,

 I declare, accept and undertake that I will comply with both digital and written and / or verbal warnings and directions within the hotel, and comply with the rules and protocols of the Hotel.

  I do not accept the issues to be updated and / or act in violation of the relevant rules, protocols, warnings and / or directions, my contract may be terminated unilaterally by O wire and I will terminate my accommodation activity, although it is included in my contract, I cannot take it due to the obligation to stay in the isolation room. I accept, declare and undertake that I will not request the refund of the costs of the services. ”

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